You will never forgive yourself... if you get the fried Brussels sprouts and dont order extra! This was my first time at The Grubbery, I stopped in, ordered the burger and fried brussels sprouts “to go” and left. I was starving, so pulling out of Highland Brewery parking lot I tried a brussels sprout.... they were all gone before I made it to Fairview road! Uhg, I new I should have turned around.
— Dawn Hale
Had the Ash-Philly with the fried Brussel sprouts. Wow, that is all I have to say. Amazing food, great people, good business.
— Jmo Silva
Whatever you do...DO NOT get the brussels sprouts. Because then you’ll go back for more. And then you’ll never be able to eat brussels sprouts anywhere else ever again, ever, because you’ll just be disappointed. Awesome food, awesome people. Run, don’t walk to wherever they are.
— Matt Edwards
best burger and slaw ever...quick turn around and good food
can’t wait to try the rest of the menu.
— Tom Whittington